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This is a collection of my favorite web pages, most sexy, some not.  If you'd like to know my favorite blogs, just scroll down the right column.  Oh, and if you want to link back to me, scroll down to the bottom and just cut & past the html codes below.

Links last updated:  9/1/12

Lycra, Superhero, Gear, and other Kinks

Great site for guys into gear:  lycra, spandex, wetsuits, football, baseball, rubber, sneakers, socks, superhero, etc.  My profile:  TiedFeetGuy

Spandex Guys
Profile page for Spandex.  My profile:  TiedFeetGuy

Spandex Party
Social Network for Spandex.  My profile:  TFG

Wetsuit Lads
Hot twinks in the UK that love their Wetsuits.  Some bondage and hero lycra, too!

Soccer Bondage
More great pics.  The homepages says you need a user/login; they list themselves list it directly at the bottom of their homepage!

Hero in Trouble (Pay Site)
Hero fetish pics and video.  Mostly solo, usually bound, sometimes stripped.

Hard Heroes (Pay Site)
Hero bondage fetish pics, wrestling and video.

Superhero Costume and Lycra Shopping

I personally also use eBay and Milanoo, just search "lycra" or "zentai" and the hero of your choice.  Prices vary, so search a bit!  But most cost to about $50-$100, once you add in that expensive, international shipping.  Most vendors seem to be located in China, but so far in my personal experience they have been very reliable.

Superhero Costuming Forum
Message board for all your costume needs.

Slick It Up
Various bodysuits suits and fetish wear.

Superhero, lycra, singlets, and more.

Similar to above, with a couple of bondage styled suits (such as mummytubes).

Spiderman Costume
A site that provides directions to make a high quality Spidey Suit.  Small fee required for the pattern.  For the serious costume connoisseur, this one's pretty involved.

Feet & Bondage Links--The Best

Male Feet Links
The original/

Male Feet Link
The newer one.

Currently rebuilding, but a bunch of good ole' bois tying each other up.

The "new" feet.tv

Another male feet social network

Steve's ropework is just the best!  I still hope to get tied by him one day...

Message boards and more.

Dude-Caps Forum
Message Board featuring bondage caps from TV.

It's Raining Feet
Celebrity pics of feet.  Does charge, but it's worth it.

My Friend's Feet
Guys and their feet.  Mostly pay, but does have some free previews.

Barefoot Provocateuse
More barefoot male celebs.  Not an extensive selection as others, but often has harder to find pics.

Guys In Trouble
Great free site with lots of bondage caps from TV and Movies.

More Bondage captures from TV and Movies.  Often has older, B&W shows, but more recent stuff appears, too.

Bondage Fusion
Great German bondage sit

Straight Hell
Hot site of straight boys being put through their paces.

Barefoot Bound
Pay Site.  Does exactly what I fantasize about all day long... barefoot bound bois.  And men, too.  ;)

Captured Guys
Pay Site.  Great updates of a variety of guys bound, gagged, and frequently barefoot.

Barefoot Guys
Pay Site.  Just the sexy, soft feet, please!

Bondage Jeopardy
Pay Site.  Great original films of hot guys in bondage, and frequently foot/sock tortured as well!

Vanilla & Eye Candy

Superhero Fan
Lots of caps of celebrity male skin from TV and movies.

Square Hippies
Even more caps of celebrity male skin from TV and movie.

Still more celebrity male skin from TV and movies.  This time, a message board.

YouTube for porn.  Some foot and bondage stuff included.

Twink eye candy.  Has a weekly free section

Not Sexy, but there is more to my life

American Coaster Enthusiasts
I love me some roller coasters.  And a lot of their members are gay.

The latest in amusement park news.

Debunking common urban legends.

Straight Dope
Answers questions you've always had, but were afraid to look stupid.

OMG Blog
Random crap and gossip, but it still entertains me.

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